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Isola Polenta Cornmeal

Cornmeal as it used to be: wholegrain, coarse meal for a polenta that rewards the palate with the authenticity and flavour of local tradition. The corn is cultivated in the bottom of the Darfo Boario Terme valley, on sandy ground naturally and continuously fed by the water of the River Oglio, in the Isola district, which has always been the wheat belt of the region. The Azienda Agricola Scraleca’s first corn and polenta product is Isola Cornmeal, with a rich, full and satisfying flavour, the result of a careful production process that best preserves composition and intensity: no forcing or weeding; organic fertilizers and broadcast seeding; cultivated and harvested by hand; slow-dried and coarsely stone-milled. Produced exclusively with corn grown in the fields of the Isola district.

Isola Small Farms

Altitude: 220 metres above sea-level
Surface area: approx. 6,600 m2

Seeding using only vitreous grain varieties.
Exclusively organic fertilizers.
Harvested by hand at maturity, with visual ear selection.
Slow-dried, partly in the open-air.
Coarsely stone-milled.
Vacuum packed.