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The Return to our Senses

Azienda Scraleca is a solid agricultural enterprise that knows how to aim high. It has been bringing its dreams to life for many years, from the moment that its founder returned to believing in the principles of truth and beauty. The secret of the exceptional nature of its produce lies in the simplicity of an honest, alternative world consisting of earth and nature.

Our Vision

Lake Moro and Parco di Luine, Scraleca and Grimaldi: the identity of a project, the character of an enterprise held in one image.

The leading player in a fascinating region rich with culture, the Azienda Agricola Scraleca pursues its admirable success with great determination.

Challenges met head on by a local entrepreneurial family devoted to the “good, clean and fair” promotion of high quality production, firmly rooted in the organic fabric of life of the Valle Camonica.

The Beginning, the History

In a place where the vines and olive groves once surrendered to abandon and thorn bushes, the Azienda Agricola Scraleca began by recovering the historic terraces etched in the mountainsides, restoring and protecting superior quality cultivation, enabling maturation and growth.

With the wisdom of shared knowledge, moving forward with pride towards future achievements, the Azienda overcomes the difficulties and complications of highland farming, drawing strength from the satisfaction of offering a sip of Vino Griso and a drizzle of Olio Grignano, Scraleca or Grimaldi, accompanied by the simplicity of an excellent Isola cornmeal polenta.